Ricardo Gonzalez Mena
Executive Director – Fundación Verde Azul

Ricardo González de Mena, is founding director of the Institute of Superior Studies of Business Administration (IESA) in Panama, and member of the board directors of the Museum of Freedom and Human Rights, the Foundation for the Economic and Social Development (FUDESPA), the Committee of Friends of the Churches of the Old Town and the Commission of the Fifth Centenary of Old Panama.

He currently manages the VerdeAzul Foundation as the executive director, with a vast experience in public and international affairs. González de Mena was previously a Counselor at the United Nations (UN), Executive Director of the Inter-American Council for Trade and Production (CICYP) and the US-Panama Business Council (USPA).

Ricardo also coordinated the presidential commissions that created the Panama Canal Authority, the Interoceanic Region Authority and the Transition Plan for the Panama Canal Transfer. Ricardo González stood out in the position of Ambassador of Panama to the OAS, leading several inter-American committees for the development and prevention of drugs, supervising the Summits of the Americas and the FTAA process, coordinating the lobbying that he obtained for Panama; the headquarters of this negotiating process.